There is still time to sign up for the Orange account from ING. All you have to do is click on the bright orange box in the right sidebar and then you will be on your way. I know you have all heard about some other places that offer higher rates than ING and you can still open those. The one thing I have to say about ING is that they are very easy to use. I do have another high interest online savings account but I am keeping my Orange account from ING open.

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You can use this ING account as your saving fund for the emergency money or put your challenge money in there to keep it separate from all the other mounds of money you are saving bu using all the tips from all the frugal websites all around. Plus you DO know that you will be able to get a bonus when you open the account using this link. You win! I will also get a small fee for the referral. I win too! You win,I win, we all win! This is a great opportunity to get a savings account started….or if you already have one…then you can beef it up with the bonus that you will get from clicking on my referral box.