Here is my Financial Update for June 2017. Every now and then I like to look back at what I spent. Since we have gone through half of the year it is time to review my finances!

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I use Mint to track my finances and it provides a handy graph showing my cash flows for various time periods.

2017 June budget

Positive cash flow!

June was a positive cash flow month for me. I actually did overspend a bit on shopping as you can see it is almost the same size as my rent amount.

Budget busters!

Shopping and Home were the two budget busters last month.

Shopping relates to getting all household items, while Home refers to only my rent payment. The Shopping category includes things like toiletries and the cat’s items. It includes everything that is not food related. In June, Rent was 27% of my budget, while Shopping was 28%.

While I did spend a fair amount on eating out (15% of budget) and groceries this was an unusual month. I had many birthday lunches to attend and ended up spending quite a bit. July is also a big birthday month among my peers ….along with MY birthday!


My goal is to reduce the shopping category…especially since Rent is going up in August. I can also cut down on Food by eating out less. The good (?) thing is that there aren’t any birthdays or celebrations in August that I would attend. We also get ready for the fall semester so I should be on a different work schedule.

The Auto spending can also be reduced a little bit. I had to get my car inspected and renew my registration in June. These are annual expenses so I do not have to spend that money again for a while. My insurance does expire in October so I will need to adjust for spending in that month.

Wrap up.

I am looking towards having a positive cash flow in July. How was your spending over the last month?