I tried to order food from a restaurant in town and saw their online menu. I knew someone who was related to the owners so I asked him if we could get a discount and the owners agreed on 10%. I was ordering for a bunch of coworkers so I decided to use some forethought and asked for the totals after tax and discount so everyone could know exactly how much cash to bring in.

I whipped out my trusty calculator and calculated the prices and wrote my little totals down but then when they called back I was given different prices. I asked why the prices were higher than my calculations and was give a rude response to the effect that the prices on the website were incorrect and if we did not want the food then we did not have to get it.

I thought that was a very rude response especially since the mix up about the prices was because of negligence on the part of the restaurant. I will not do business with them again and I know that I am just one customer so it will not affect their bottom line but this is a personal issue for me….and I do not eat out very often anyway.