It is time once again to review my finances. I have not done a monthly review in a while so this seems like a good time to do it.

Usually when I have done the monthly review I would post actual figures. This month I will just speak about the general categories since the dollar amounts have already been posted in the weekly updates.

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Biggest outflow

The biggest outflow for the month was housing. This was to be expected since my rent is a bit high right now compared to my income.

2018 June spending

Smallest outflow

The smallest outflow for the month was Financial, which is included in Other. I ended up paying for some professional dues that will help in my future career.

Over budget category

The category where I went over budget was food and dining. I keep this category as restaurants and it does not include regular groceries. I did go out to eat a lot last month for various reasons.

General comments

I was able to stay under the total monthly budget even with going over in one category. This was possible because I do stay under budget in other categories by carefully tracking what I spend.