This month I came in $2450.78 in the RED as is to be expected since I was not working full time. I also spent a bit on moving including cleaning expenses and an airplane ticket (more on that later) and my income was quite dismal since I only worked eight days of the month.

Areas where I remained under budget are:

– Shopping: I was trying to get RID of household items and clothes this month in preparation for the big move so I was able to stay $83.36 under this category this month.

-Home : I managed to stay $38.02 under the budget this month and I am looking forward to next month when I get my FINAL rental bill. Any money that I ‘spend’ on home for the next few months will be money that I put into my Never Go Back To Fresno Fund.

-Auto : According to my budget spreadsheet I was $17.53 over my car budget but I got a small check from the dealer when I resold my car to them, so I will actually be under the budget.

Areas where I went over budget are:

-Groceries : I have no idea why I spent so much money on food for the month since I was leaving. I went $54.63 over my food budget for the month and I really have no excuse for that at all.

-Utilities : I had to get a new cell phone since I moved and I had to pay an early termination fee on my old phone since my contract had been extended when I got the new phone.

-Auto : I bought A LOT of gas this month because I was driving all over the place getting things settled for my move. Beginning with March, any money that I ‘spend’ on auto will be the ‘loan’ amount that I am paying into my Car fund. I had used up the fund totally to live on while I was unemployed so I will be rebuilding that slowly when I begin working full time again.