I am combining the weekly report with the monthly report since I do not have much income to talk about since I still have not found a job.

I received $24 from Lending Club this week, bringing the total income for the month to $81.27. This is a higher than normal amount for the month but this was because someone paid off his or her loan in full. While that is good for me to get a higher income from loans NOW, it means I will not be getting the interest on those repayments in the future. I am just happy that the loan is paid and I am not losing money!

As I have mentioned before I did not change my budget figures after losing my job….because it was just too much work to do that and then have to change again once I got a new job. I will just monitor my spending better and will spend less on food and things like that. The things that I kept the same are things like my car payment….which I don’t really have.

I redeemed $10 in coupons this month which puts me at a gain of $20.53 in coupons for the month which is not too bad.

I paid off my car last year but I still have a figure in my budget for car payment and that amount gets sent to a savings account in ING every month. So I am ‘paying’ a car note every month whether it is going to my savings or to a loan company.

Areas where I remained under budget are:

Home: I have been able to stay under the budgeted amount even though the rent has increased because I put a higher figure for the budgeted rent than what I actually paid.

Food: I was actually only $1.81 under this month but it is still better than going over.

Health: I put money into my HSA like normal but I did not pay any out of pocket costs for doctors etc so I was $100 under because that is the amount I allocated for out of pocket costs every month.

Areas where I went over budget are:

Utilities: The ever high electric bill because of those soaring temperatures all day long.

Household: I bought 100 stamps at a cost of $44!!!

Car: There was an issue with my tint that I got taken care of so I could pass my state inspection.

Next month is right around the corner and with only the advertising money from the blog it looks like another month of chipping away at the Emergency fund.