I was able to come out of October 2010 at $278.07 in the black despite spending some extra money on things that were a bit more expensive than I had planned. This was partly due to having a big amount in the splurge fund that I used for some fun stuff for myself, along with getting some more advertising on the blog.

I only bought $25.28 in gas, which left me with $49.72 in my gas budget for the month. I might end up spending a lot on gas in the next month, depending on where I will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year.

I overspent my food budget by $114.86 which was partly due to taking friends out to eat all month. I did pay for the overspending out of the splurge fund money but I am stating the amount to keep myself in check. Now that I am no longer paying a car loan since I paid off my car in full I have increased the amount that goes to my splurge fund. I am still paying money into my car fund, and it is almost the amount that I was paying on my car loan.

I received $29.19 from my Lending Club investments and made one new loan of $25 so that I could increase my income from that venture. I also made larger snowflake payments on my personal loans because as I have mentioned before my goal is to be totally debt free by the end of December. I have two more months of paying on those two personal loans and if I make more snowflake payments then I will realize that dream at the end of the year.