This post is part of the National Blog Posting Month challenge and was actually the prompt for November 1st…which I missed since I only found out about the challenge on November 2nd.

If I did not have to worry about a mortgage or rent my life would change in a big way because my savings would grow by a tremendous amount. I currently spend about $750 (depending on the water bill) for rent, including pet rent, insurance, water and sewage every month. If I had a house that was paid off or no longer needed to pay rent then I would have that extra $750 at my disposal to divide between short term savings, long term savings, investments and fun money.

Of course I would send part of that money over to splurge fund so that I could get the things that I really wanted every now and then instead of denying myself all the time. I would not go on a big spending spree because that is not my mindset but I would certainly know that if I wanted something I just needed to take a peek into my splurge fund in ING to see if the money was available and if it was then I could go ahead and get that item or experience that I wanted.

How would your life change if you did not have a mortgage or rent to think about?