I paid for a gym membership last week and I am happy that I did. It might seem strange for someone who talks about finding ways to save money talking about paying for a membership to a gym. It might seem like I am being a frugal fraud when there is a FREE gym (well actually it is included in the rent so not technically free!!!) right where I live.

I am taking summer classes and as a graduate student we have to opt in to use the gym. The fees are usually waived for graduate students but since you have to get an ID check to enter the facility here you end up needing to pay to use the gym.


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I have normally not paid for the gym here because there is a gym at my apartment complex. This summer however, I paid for a gym membership because I found out about the free (or included) classes that are provided. There are classes like yoga, core, and zumba and they are taught by very capable instructors.

I have found that I can go walk on the treadmill at my apartment or try to do some crunches but I do not work out as hard as when I go to the classes. The instructors show me new ways of moving and it is good to see people of all fitness levels trying to keep up and do the moves.

So it cost me almost $40 for the month for this summer session but I have tried a different class every day to see what I like. I also feel more motivated since I know I specifically spent that money on the membership!

I paid for a gym membership and I am happy with the decision. The money is carefully accounted for in the budget and was actually paid for by my Swagbucks redemption so it did not push me over the zero based budget for the month.

Do you pay for a gym membership?

Am I being a frugal fraud for doing this?