I am wondering if I should pay my rent early to get a chance to win one month free. My apartment complex has been having issues with people paying rent late and then having to charge them late fees. To alleviate this problem they came up with the idea of having a raffle of everyone who pays rent early, so those people can win a chance to win one month’s rent!

The bad thing is that you have to pay before the last day of the month, meaning that if I enter now I would be paying twice in one month. The good thing is that if I win I could get one month totally rent free and that means money in my pocket. The other bad thing is that the electric bill is usually not added until the first of the month, meaning that I would have to pay rent now and then make a second payment to get the electricity taken care of. The other good thing is that they have temporarily suspended the charge for paying via credit card, so it does not matter if I make multiple payments as I won’t get charged extra.

I think I will go ahead and pay the rent early this month to get a chance, however small, at getting one month free. I have nothing to lose since it is going on my credit card and I can manipulate the date to show up as next month in Mint. I have the chance at gaining one month free rent, without paying extra fees, so it is a winning situation for me.