I am not much of a shopper and I tend to shop the sales and clearance racks before even looking at the regularly priced items. Recently I snagged a discount because the sales clerk was too lazy to go back and check the actual price of an item.

I had bought a purse on clearance some time last year for under $5 and I was really happy with my purchase. I don’t know if the purse was cheaply made or if it had dry rotted but it ripped last week. I decided to look for another one and was searching the sales and clearance racks of a popular store in my area.

The purse section was a bit messy and there were items that looked like they may have been misplaced. In any case, I noticed that a particular brand of purses that I liked was marked 30-70% off and I found a stack of a purse that liked in the clearance area.

I picked one up and went to cash out and it rang up at the full price. I told the sales clerk I would leave it because I thought it was part of the sale. She asked if it was under the sign I saw, because she noticed it was the same brand on the sign. I said yes it was but I did not really feel like walking back to see if it was excluded. She remarked that she did not feel like walking either and she would rather apply the discount than lose the sale.

So, to sum up…I snagged a discount because the sales clerk was lazy. Now before you tar and feather me for taking advantage of the system, I used to work in retail and know of many times the items would ring up incorrectly. Sometimes one color would ring up at the sale price while another did not. Therefore, I feel confident in snagging my discount (she gave me (50% off), because it was offered.