Every Friday I post on my weekly income and expenses in an effort to keep on track of my budget for the month. By breaking down my transactions on a weekly basis I can see where my money is going and see if I am going to be able to stay under my total budget for the month.

This week I received a $50 gift card from redeeming the points that I earned on my cash back credit card. I earned these points by paying rent and buying groceries and I am about to earn some more cash back because I paid tuition on the card as well. I also received $7.95 from my investment in Lending Club and I already mentioned that I issued a new loan at the beginning of the month.


I spent $34.95 to get one textbook that I somehow missed when I was getting my books for the semester. Luckily we don’t need it for the first couple of weeks of class so by the time it does ship I will actually need it for class. I spent $8.23 on lunch this week and I need to get some food over the weekend so that I have more options to bring to work.