Well my birthday is coming up next month and I am trying to plan a frugal birthday this year. I have never been as poor (not broke) as I am since starting grad school. This year I thought I should be having a great birthday at this age but it looks like I will have to find ways to be frugal and still have a good time.

I have been going out to Red Lobster for by birthday for the last few years and I would like to keep that tradition this year. In order to do this I will either have to get someone to pay for my meal, which I feel bad about since I am getting lobster….or get creative with the coupons and deals. I am actually a member of their club and have gotten coupons in the past. They have normally been for dessert and I am not a big of fan of the selection there but was usually with someone who enjoyed it.

I also will not be buying myself a present this year since I already got my present earlier in the year. I was in need of a new phone and got the Nexus 4 when it came out so that was my early birthday present. I actually do not really see anything that want this year so that is not a big problem.

I actually have class on my birthday so I will be on campus for the best part of the day and then I will just grab lunch at Red Lobster (if I get a coupon) and maybe I will ‘splurge’ and get THREE movies from Redbox!

(header image taken from bargainbabe.com)