So today I have a question from a reader and I have no idea how to answer it. I wanted to throw it out to you guys and gals to see if anyone has a response.

Reader Question:

Hi Lulu,

I am in a bit of a bind and I just wanted your advice on something. I recently lost my job and had to sell my car. After a few months I got a new opportunity and was able to get another car. The thing is I did not have income (although I have savings) so a friend of mine applied for financing. 

The lien is in my friend’s name but I will be driving the car and paying the car note, as well as all other costs connected to the car. I need to get my own insurance because my friend already has insurance on his car. So I was wondering if I can just apply for my own insurance even though the lien is not in my name? I think that would be cheaper than having my friend apply for insurance (on two cars) and then add me as a driver. Any tips on how we can save money?

I am at a total loss for words on how to approach this situation since I do not have any experience with this? Has anyone been in this situation? Is it possible for the reader to insure a car when they are not named on the lease? Let us know in the comments!!!!