I just realized that it has been a while since I last posted my Monthly Update here. I have been working on the daily summary but I neglected to provide the monthly round up with all the details.

In May I did come out ahead after my salary came in on the last day of the month. Amt Spent/Budget is listed below

Areas over Budget:

Clothes $51.94/$30 I ended up buying a complete outfit for graduation that I had not planned on, going $21.94 over my budget.

Miscellaneous $54.80/$0 I had to spend this money to renew my car registration online. I thought I had the state inspection due but it was really the registration that was due.

Areas under Budget:

Electricity $46.59/$80 I was very happy to have  such a low electricity bill and the bill for the upcoming month is even lower than this one.

Food $133.85/$145. I barely scraped by with the food budget this month but I still came in under budget so that was good for me.

I ended up with  a positive cash flow for the month and I was able to snowflake a few payments over to the credit card with the highest interest rate. I should be able to save more money this June because school is out and I only have to go to two weeks of workshops. That should help with the gas and since I am spending the first week with Honey I will not be using electricity in my apartment, which will help with the utility bills as well.