I saved money by waiting one day to go shopping. I was really excited about the Bath and Body Works sales. On Saturday I noticed candles were $15.

I really wanted to buy some at the $15 price because that is a huge discount from regular prices. Waiting one day saved me some money on the items I was going to buy!!

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Photo by JeepersMedia

I actually placed some $15 candles in my online shopping cart so I could see the prices. Something told me to wait one day to see if I really wanted those candles. Also, the semi annual sale was about to start on Monday. This sale meant I could probably get some candles for less than $15.

Taking a risk

The risk was that the candles in store may not be the same ones offered online. This meant I could possible miss some candles by waiting one day.

Either way I decided to wait one day before buying. The very next day the candles went down to half price! This means that a $26.50 candle was now $13.25. This is cheaper than the $15 I was prepared to pay the day before. Other candles that I liked were as low as $11.25.

Lesson learned

While a couple of dollars may not seem like a big deal, this concept can be applied to the rest of our lives. Delaying the instant gratification could lead to greater savings in the future.

We may even decide we do not want the items and can save that money instead!

Final decision

In my case I finally cleared out my online shopping cart. I decided to take the risk and to the semi annual sale and buy what I could then.

What have you saved by waiting one day?