It is warm today….about 74 degrees. Yaaaay. This is the weather I have been praying for and I am just jumping for joy. This morning I did not need the heater so that saved me some money on the heating costs.

When I got back home from work I was able to open the sliding door and let some of that yummy warmth in to spread the joy around the apartment. I just had to carry a light jacket to work….because the office is always cold.

I am loving this weather and tomorrow if it is the same I just may break out the flip flops! I really wish this weather would just last until summer time….but I was just told that it will be cold again on the weekend. I think maybe my weather watcher program has a problem because it is not showing that but I guess it will update itself. It is probably shocked at the temperature right now and needs time to adjust.
On another note I just paid from PayPerPost again today. It was just a small payment because I only qualified for the small posting opportunities because of my Google PR and some other factors. In any case it still feels good to see that positive amount in my PayPal account because it is still income…regardless of the amount.