This last Sunday was a great test for me. I decided to spend it as a Sunday No Sale. This is similar to a no spend day … but I just avoided a sale.

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Most people go for a No Spend Day/Month/Week etc. This is a period where you simply don’t spend any money. In theory it is great but they usually end up spending more on a different period. This makes up for the No Spend period and to me just is not practical.

I had a Sunday No Sale where I was actively tempted by a sale but opted to not take part. I don’t go through No Spend days because I do have to spend some money during the month for food and other necessities.

The Sunday No Sale is to actively avoid a sale where I have my eye on some items.

Isn’t that the same thing?

No it is not. I am not trying to restrict myself to a certain number of days of spending. Instead, I am trying to restrict that extra spending on items I had on my list that are wants and not needs. I avoided the sale today and did not spend that cash.