I stopped looking to see if I could save money in March because I have gone way over my budget. My mother came up to stay with me to take care of me since I had my surgery and I just know that I blew my budget for the month. I bought more food since she obviously does not eat the way I do….she eats meat and I don’t even eat chicken.

I did not have to spend time in the hospital like the last time but I did spend a week at home trying to recover from the last set of surgeries. I did learn a few things from staying in the hospital and staying at home in recovery and the one thing that stuck with me is that I will never be able to save money when dealing with medical issues because all of that is just too expensive.

Because of all the spending I had to do it was too depressing to see all of the red in my spreadsheet so I stopped tracking my finances in March. I will have everything set up and ready to go for April so do come back and check out my results then.