Here is the state of my credit card accounts at How I Save Money.

You all know that I was TOTALLY ignorant about the use of credit cards and credit scores when I started and made some REALLY bad decisions .

creditcard.jpg I ended up with a large number of credit cards and carried balances on all of them for a LONG time.

A good deal of the credit card debt that I have was from paying my way through school. I was totally broke and put EVERYTHING on the credit cards…from books and tuition to bread.

I finally wised up when I started blogging, which was not too long ago so I have paid off a hefty sum on the credit cards in a short time period according to my calculations.

Credit Cards and Balances

American Express Blue $0.00

American Express Blue Cash $0.00

Citi Visa $2000.00 (7.9% til the end of time!)

Capital One Visa $1149.50 (o% til Dec 2008)

Discover Card $0.00

HSBC MasterCard $0.00

Chase Visa $0.00

Chase MasterCard $742.08 (0% til Dec 2008)

GE Visa (LASIK card) $3196.00 (0% til Dec 2009)

As you can see I have a large number of credit cards….but right now only four of them have balances being carried from month to month.

This is actually a big milestone for me so I am very proud of myself for getting it down to that amount. I have snowflaked payments and snowballed payments until I have gotten financial frostbite!

I am still working on getting those card balances down …but I know that one card will take a hit when the medical bills start rolling in next month. They gave me an estimate of what I would have to pay after insurance and it is still a big amount to me.

This just means I have to find more ways to save money in the upcoming weeks so that I do not get swamped by my finances.

I might have to start up on the Tuna Diet again!