I went over to the internet place yesterday to pay for my installation and set up fees because they were supposed to be sending out the techs today.

The lady at the front desk said they would be coming on Tuesday. Arrrgh!!!!! Another mix up.

It took 45 minutes of back and forth and countless computer screens to get the error fixed and the techs will……STILL be coming on Tuesday.

Apparently the techs do not go into apartments if they are alone and the management at my complex does not want to accompany the techs.

They suggested that I take the day off work (gasp!) to wait for the cable guy because that is what everyone else does if they do not have a room mate.

Now I don’t know about other people but since I just started this job I do not really think that I can just the day off to hang around and wait for the cable guy who will be coming anywhere from 8am to 4pm.

The cable company finally settled with me by saying that they could send TWO techs out on Tuesday. Wow! How reassuring.

They don’t want to have a tech alone in the apartment because they need a witness for if something goes missing or gets broken. Hmmmmmmm so lets send TWO of our people because if ONE breaks something then his buddy will make sure he fixes it. Yeah riiiiiiiiiight.

I don’t care either way. It makes no sense to me but at least now I will have to wait until Tuesday to get my internet turned on at the new place.