Today it is now twelve days after I had the LASIK surgery. Today I have to go back to Dr. Boothe’s office for a follow up exam. I still have not washed my entire face, instead I have been using moistened cotton pads to clean around my eye area.

I have been faithfully using my artificial tears every 30 minutes like the doctor said because my eyes do feel dry sometimes. I am not sure if this is because my eyes are really that dry or if it is because I am experiencing the “lip balm effect“. The lip balm effect is where yo become so accustomed to the extra moisture provided by using a lip balm that you feel that your lips are parched when you do not use the lip balm.

EyeChartI have also been using my prescribed medications in my eyes, according to the schedule set up by the doctors.

Improving Vision

There is only a very slight halo or fuzziness around the edge of my vision right now so I am very much relieved.

I have to get my vision checked later today so hopefully there is more improvement, even though it has only been 12 days since the surgery.

I am still wearing my eye shields to sleep, although I stopped using the goggles outside. I did get a pair of ‘stunner shades’ (large sunglasses) to wear outdoors since my other pairs were a bit on the small (cute) side.

EyeI stopped using the goggles to shower as well and I even washed my hair on the weekend, being VERY careful to tilt my head back and keep my eyes closed to prevent the water from entering my eyes.

By the way this is NOT my eye.

Today the doctor said I could go back to doing everything I would normally do except for swimming. This means I can now wash my face like a normal person instead of struggling with cotton pads to clean my face.

Vision is a little bit improved from last time but I forgot to get what the range was this time.

I have to go back in two weeks for another checkup. Don’t forget to come back and check out what happens next in LASIK Eye Surgery – My Experiences- Day 30.

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