I have been writing about my experiences with LASIK over a number of days now. Mapgirl had her experience with LASIK and she referenced my experiences because they were slightly different.

Well that and I kept hounding her blog ever since I found out she was having the surgery.

I hope that she continues to chronicle the journey to great eyesight so that we can compare notes and be a source of information and inspiration for all the other personal finance bloggers out there who want to know about the surgery but are afraid to get it done.

My vision improves every day and I am so glad that I had the procedure and everything went well.

Be sure to check out all of the days that chronicle my LASIK in order:

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I have another appointment on January 29th where they will just be doing a checkup to see where things are. Hopefully the fuzzy edges where the dead cells are will be reduced significantly, if not entirely gone.