I could save more money if I chose to walk to Walmart. Well that is what my mother suggested to me recently because the WalMart is one mile from where I live.

Now I have not taken her advice yet for two main reasons:

I am still recovering from my surgery

WalMart is on a very busy street

These are the two things that are really keeping me from walking to the store to get the things I need. When I really think about it, walking to the store would actually be a good idea for me because I could get my exercise in AND save money by not making that short drive.

When I was growing up we would walk for more than a mile to go to church, school and the grocery store. We did not have a car so we took the public transportation or walked if it was close enough.

I remember one place I lived we would go shopping every Saturday because we had to walk with the shopping bags. It would be too much to try to do all of the shopping in one day because that would mean we had to walk with very heavy bags…or make multiple trips with smaller bags.

I am not too keen on walking here because of how busy the street is so I think I will have to pass on mom’s suggestion.

What do YOU think?

Would you brave the traffic and walk to the store to save the money?