I just found out about a credit card that I did not even know I had. Now I know all you PF Bloggers out there are shaking your heads at me and wondering how I could NOT know about the card. The thing is that I applied for the Chase Platinum card to take advantage of the 0% interest rate. I waited and waited and did not get a response and I think I shredded the application and (gasp) did not write down the information about applying.

Then I applied for another Chase card with similar terms and just received that one in the mail. Of course the limit on it was a measly $500 but I decided to go online to activate and register the card. When I logged in I noticed there was a SECOND card listed in my accounts. I was shocked and pulled my credit report to see what that was about. The number did not show on my credit report ( I guess the information was too recent and it had not updated as yet) so I thought that was a card from back in my (younger) college days that I had already closed that was showing on the Chase site.

I called up customer service and asked about the card and they told me that was the card I had applied for about 3 weeks earlier. I said I don’t have a card for that account and the rep said the card had not even been activated. Ok..what is going on now. The rep said that since I never called to activate the card they could cancel that particular one and and send me another one in its place. I asked about the terms and found that this card had the 0% interest on balance transfers til 2008 and the rate was fixed at 8.9% for life for both transfers and purchases. The card also has a $1000 limit so I said yes go ahead and send me the card.

I just got it in the mail and I am activating it so I can transfer some of the higher balances over to this card. I am happy now because that now means less interest payments. Whew!

Now the funny thing is that I have the paperwork for the lower limit card with the higher interest rate but not the stuff for the 0% card. I have no idea how that happened but at least I caught it early and can utilize the 0% starting from now.