It is time to lighten your wallet….and I don’t mean swapping out the black wallet for a tan one!!! Too many people are carrying around TONS of stuff in their wallets on a daily basis.

Do you REALLY need to carry EVERY single credit and debit card that you own all day long. Do you really need to carry around your library card with you. You know the library card that you use maybe once a month because you have tons of books on your kindle that you have not gotten around to reading yet, so you don’t have time to stop at the library.

Do you have to carry around that giant wad of cash…..especially when you use your credit card for all purchases anyway. Keep a few bills in there for emergencies and get rid off all the rest.

And while we are on the topic of cash take a look at all of those coins. Unless you are visiting a wishing well soon there is no need to have all those coins adding bulk to your wallet. Take them out of the wallet and put them in a jar or something at home. When that jar is full then you can take it to coinstar or a bank and get them changed into something less bulky.

I say take a look at your wallet and see what you actually use on a daily basis and then remove everything else. If the wallet is not too stuffed then you can add in things that you use at least once a month.

You should also remove all those receipts from your wallet. Are you planning on returning an item soon? If not then the receipt does not belong in your wallet. File it away or scan it and get rid of it.

Lighten up your wallet and you will be doing yourself a big favor.