Welcome to my daily tracking of income and expenses for the month.

Today I did some more shopping and got some no-food items. I also got socks. Why is this important you ask? Well…….I have a little bit of an obsession a passion when it comes to socks. I love socks. I wear them all the time…even during the summer. I wear them when I am lounging around at home and I wear them to bed…even when it is hot. I just like wearing socks and I always have to have a clean pair on. So I got some new socks….but they were at a good price. I got 5 pairs for $3.48! Whoo hoo!

Income for the day: $0.00

Expenses for the day: $67.84

Income for the month to date: $662.92

Expenses for the month to date: $646.76

Net effect: $16.16

Did I save money: Not if I continue on this trend.