Okay folks here is my spending and saving update for the month of March. I will also be updating my net worth so you can look at the progress chart in the left side bar…..scroll down.

I am still training Money to recognize and classify some transactions but the figures for this month are more accurate than the ones for February were….so just bear with me for a little while longer while I get this all straightened out. I am finding out new things constantly that I need to work on.

In March my income was up a little bit because I received the refund from my income taxes but it still was not significant enough to impact much on my saving for the month because I decided to put the money towards my debt payments. My total actual income for the month was less than the total for the bills but I managed not to use any credit card debt because Honey helped with the utilities and the Lancer payment. (thank you!)

I spent a total of $86.49 on food purchases from the grocery store, including necessary items and snacks. This is more than twice what I spent last month…although this month I have more food left over to start the new month with. I guess this means I need to track and estimate my usage of things better than I am doing right now.

I just realized that I do not have the total figures for what I spent on my credit card payments because some of it got messed up when I started to use ING’s Electric Orange to pay the credit cards. I do know that I have less finance charges than I did in February because I got some rates lowered and I did manage to pay some larger monthly payments because of the income tax refund.

Oh boy! I will have to spend some time tomorrow tweaking Microsoft Money (again) because I need to have the most up to date figures for ALL categories when I post for the daily updates for April.

I am going to bed now to dream of another way that I can save money and get myself out of debt.