I am always on the look out for ways to save money, especially now that I am back in school full time. I moved to a new area where it seems that people do not really use coupons because the selection in the Sunday newspaper has been very limited, compared to the selection in the last place that I lived.

I am on a very small budget as a student and I have been trying to save money because I really do not have a lot to make it through every month. I had given up on being able to save any money at all using coupons because I just could not find the coupons I needed in this area.


In the past I was able to save the most money by combining my coupons with the CVS Extra bucks but now that is really not an option for me since:

-CVS is a bit out of my way now and

-I have been buying my non food items online.

I just got a few coupons in a magazine that I read and luckily they are for items that I use all the time. I am going to save them up and see if I can save any money now by using those coupons on the products that I normally buy. I will end up getting those items in the store so I can use the coupons and I will just get my other items online.

I really hope that I can get enough coupons just from my regular magazine and I might even start buying the Sunday newspaper if I start to see some that will work for me. I would like to be able to save more money like I used to in the past so cross your fingers for  me.

I obviously will not be as involved with using coupons like when I used to do the CVS runs but hopefully I will do well in the next few months.