I have some potatoes in the fridge and have no idea when I bought them. I have a box of butternut squash that I bought at the beginning of December LAST YEAR in preparation for removing my wisdom tooth that still has not been eaten.

I have also gone grocery shopping EVERY Sunday this year….so why am I buying more food when I still have food left from last year? Part of the reason is boredom with what I eat. I have particular tastes so I tend to buy what I like and buy it in bulk. This means that I end up eating the same things over and over and quickly become bored…so I buy something new.

Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

I know that the only thing I need to get on a weekly basis is fresh fruit so I have to really work on eating what I have in boxes and cans before buying perishables like potatoes (which might be growing in the fridge right now). It has been a long while since I got some coupons for food that I buy all the time. I think the last one was the coupon for Carnation evaporated milk that made it cheaper than the Great Value milk I normally get.

I have been getting coupons for yogurt and I love that since I eat a yogurt every other day as part of my meal plan. I used to see coupons for the Gorton’s bagged shrimp that I use but those have been really rare lately.

I am going to revise my meal plan to include the things I have in the pantry now…like rice (which I don’t really like) so that I can clear out all the food in the pantry before I buy anything else.