For those of you who live in the UK who have been asking me about sites for financial information I have some new information for you. This site is a great place to go to not only for information on Credit Cards in the UK but also on other financial areas.

The site is very well laid out so you can easily find the tips and information you need on everything from Insurance, to Loans to Mortgages and how to deal with them.  One of the most exciting aspects of this site is that you can subscribe to their feed and get the most up to date information on any financial topic available on the site. Now I have friends who live in the UK who are very interested in this type of information because they are young like me and do not have anyone to steer them through.

If you do not want to bother with the RSS updates then you can opt to get the newsletter which is full of money saving tips and financial information. You can go through a number of the pages like the Utility page, which gives you information to compare different utility companies right on the site and then make your decision. As if the comparison was not enough, there is also up to date information on the latest happenings with utility companies in the news to help you make a better decsion.

I am very interested in credit cards due to my own experiences with them so I decided to check out the Credit Cards page to see what they offered. Not only can you compare credit cards based on various criteria, but the Credit Card page also offers you some of the latest credit card news and even offers a link that you can use to get your credit report for free. And we all know how much I love FREE stuff so how can you go wrong with that?

You can also look up and compare different insurance companies and to sweeten the deal they are offering a chance to win free insurance. In this promotion you can have the chance to have a refund on your insurance premiums for one year if you choose one of the companies through the site. I wish I had a chance at something like that with my insurance being what it is sometimes.

One final thing I noticed about the site that also makes it easy to use is that you can set up a personal profile so that you can access all of your information on the site. You can shop for insurance for your car and then shop for a credit card to pay the premiums and THEN get a bank to handle all of that information from one site. This makes it a lot easier to track everything that you are applying for and takes up a little less time in your day while you are getting your finances settled.