Here are 5 tips I use at home to save money on my electricity bill.

1. Use Heavy Drapes

2. Get Weather Stripping

3. Use Fans

4. Set the thermostat at 70 degrees

5. Close vents in unused rooms

These are very simple ways to save money that really add up in the long run.

Use Heavy Drapes

BlackCurtainI got these fabulous black denim drapes from WalMart that I use for all my windows. The black goes with everything so I do not really need to worry about matching my decor.

These heavy drapes block out the heat in the summer time and so I do not have to use the air conditioning as much as if I did not have them.

During the winter the heavy drapes keep my warm air inside so that I do not have to use as much electricity to keep my apartment warm.

Get Weather Stripping

I bought some cheap caulking strips from WalMart and used those around the windows at home. I do not remember the exact price now but I know it was under $5. The strips go in that little space in the windows where they close and make a tight seal when the window is closed.

This helps keep my cool air (summer) or hot air (winter) inside the apartment where it belongs. That way I save money by not heating or cooling the air outside.

I also put the strips around the bottom and inner sides of the front door frame. We all know how apartment front doors can get wind gusts through little spaces between the frame and the actual door. I save money here like with the window set up because my apartment can now stay warm (or cool) with less energy and money spent.

Use Fans

FanDuring the summer I use both a ceiling fan and a remote controlled standing fan.

I use the ceiling fan when I am in the living room because that is the only room in my apartment that has a ceiling fan.

When I am in the bedroom I use the remote controlled standing fan because this allows me more control. If I am in bed then I can set the fan to go off after a certain amount of time when I fall asleep.

If I go to sleep and I do not need the fan but then I wake up feeling too hot I can easily reach for the remote and cool off the room.

Set the thermostat to 70 degrees

I really hate being cold so I need to have my heater turned to about 70 degrees in the winter time. During summer time I can tolerate it being around 70 as well since I actually prefer being hot.

When my thermostat is set at 70 degrees this is usually a very comfortable temperature that I can perform all of my normal activities without needing to use the air conditioning or the heat.

If it feels too cool in the winter then I just wear sweats in the house and if it feels too hot in the summer then I wear shorts.

I then am able to save on my electricity bill by not having to turn on any of the air systems.

Close vents in unused rooms

You would be amazed at how much heat (or air conditioning) is lost in the rooms we do not use. I have the vents closed off in the spare room because I am not in there very much at all. There are no vents in the bathrooms so I do not have to worry about those either.

What I do worry about is the air going into the bathrooms through the door so I keep the door to the spare bathroom closed. That way I am not paying to heat or cool a room that is hardly ever used.

The vents stay open in the rooms that I use constantly which are the bedroom and the living room. I keep the vent in the kitchen closed because I am not in there for any extended period of time.

Over time these little actions all add up to save me money on my electricity bills and I hope they work for you too.