I almost threw away $19.40 because of a cashier error. There was some value left on a gift card that the cashier was about to throw away!!! I ended up finding out about the value of the card so read on if you want the full story.

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At the store

I had a gift card for a place that I shop at ALL the time. I went to check out and the cashier swiped the card and said there was nothing on it. She proceeded to put the card under the register…instead of in the trash like they normally do. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but now I am a bit suspicious.

I asked for the card back because I liked the design and would probably have it reloaded later.

Back at home

When I got home I decided to scratch off the back and get the full card number and PIN.

After checking the information I found out there was $19.40 left on the card!!!

I almost threw away $19.40 because the cashier messed up……or was intentionally trying to get my card. I guess I will never know…but I am glad I kept the card and double checked at home.