Hi everyone, this is Dinero and I am telling you about another way that I help Lulu save money. 

Lulu feeds me dry food and wet food in two separate containers.  The dry food has a handy dispenser that she just fills up and it it doles out small amounts of food over time.

The wet food is a different story and this is where I come in. The wet food bowl is just a regular feeding dish  where Lulu puts food when she feels like it    she is ready to give me some wet food.

dineroThe wet food container obviously needs to be cleaned after each feeding, unlike the dry food container, since it leaves more of a mess and the wet food has liquids.

Lulu does not like washing the wet food bowl every day (maybe that is why she stopped feeding me wet food every day) so I came up with an ingeneous plan to help her cut down on the dishwashing process.

She uses foil to cover some of the dishes that she bakes and ends up throwing the foil away after a couple of uses (yes she does reuse!!!).

So now, instead of simply throwing the foil away, Lulu can line my wet food bowl with cut up foil squares and feed me on that. She can now get two wet feedings done before needing to wash the dish. This cuts down on the water and soap use and makes her repurpose the foil used for cooking.

I am Dinero and I am GREEN.


Until next time, Dinero out.

pawprint(image from with a paw print….y’all know I can’t hold a pen!