It is very hot right now and this means that line drying is in full swing again. I live in an apartment where I do not have a balcony so I bought a drying rack and set it up in the spare bedroom.

The room is well ventilated and I just open the window to let fresh air and some sunlight in. The clothes usually dry in a couple of hours but since I am only doing laundry about every three days I just leave the clothes on the rack until I am ready to get the next load.

I only do one load of laundry at a time, generally Mondays and Thursdays since the laundry happens to be packed on the weekends. I then hang the clothes on the drying rack and let them air dry. Shirts go on hangers and the hangers go on the top row of the drying rack and I found that this cuts down on the wrinkles. Less wrinkles mean less ironing which means less electricity used, so that is a great way to save money.

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