I have decided to post my weekly spending for the previous week on Fridays so you know how my cash has been flowing for the week. Please note that I get paid on the last day of the month so my cash flow net effect will usually be negative until the last day of the month.

This does not mean that I am adding to my debt, it just means that the money coming in is less than the money going out because bills are due starting on the first but I don’t get paid until the last day.

So again to clarify (since I get so many questions), this shows the cash FLOW for the month. On Day 2 of every month I will have a negative FLOW because I have paid rent etc so money has LEFT my checking account. I have not had any money come in on Day 2 of the current month since I got paid on day 27 or 30 or 31 of the previous month so that income is counted for LAST month.

twentyIncome for the month to date: $129.65

Expenses for the month to date: $1846.16

Net effect: -$1716.51

Since the last posting I bought a newspaper at $3 to get the coupons for the month. I also paid $108 on the car loan and will pay the second half in two weeks. Income for the week was $1.78 from Prosper and I only have about $45 left in there until I close off my investing and focus completely on Lending Club.

I also got $7.62 from Lending Club as one person made a bigger payment on his or her loan and it only has one more payment of $0.35 to be fully paid off. This brings my total income from Lending Club for the month to $12.67 and if I get at least $25 in repayments then I will fund a new loan next month. If not then I will just fund a new loan in July and continue to make a new loan in every odd numbered month.

I spent $25 on personal items and used that money to get the following:

  • two bath towels
  • two hand towels
  • two wash rags

I got these items because I have been going through my closets and getting rid of worn out clothing and I had three towels and assorted rags that really looked raggedy. I donated the old bath towels and hand towels to a local animal shelter to use for the animals they rescue. Places like that are always looking for old towels to make bedding for the animals as they come in so if you are getting rid of towels they will accept them.

I spent $57.95 on food and really stocked up on the staples like bread, fish and fruits. The most expensive item on the food list was $8.00 for a bottle of 100 painkillers but I really need them…..the ladies will understand. I used $1 in coupons this week which means I still need to redeem $2 to break even on the coupons for the month, but I am sure I will get an opportunity to redeem even more than that this month.

The internet bill came in at $50.96 because I cut the cable but it will be about $4 higher next month because there was a credit on the account from an overpayment. I paid $45.50 to the 0% interest credit card that has my dental bills and it is the same card that I used when I got LASIK but that was fully paid off before the 0% interest term ran out.

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I will see you guys and gals later as I continue my journey to save money and become debt free!!!!