I love freebies!

I love freebies a LOT!!

I recently got a FREE extra large wall calendar which I absolutely love. I had been wanting a large wall calendar for the entry area of my apartment but was debating on whether I should buy one or not. I have become accustomed to having a calendar in the entry ever since they gave out free ones at my church a couple of years ago.

Lately I thought I should get a large one because it was just easier to read. Unfortunately I did not receive one at church so I was trying to find one that was reasonably priced.

I had to go into the apartment office for a package pickup and walked in on the manager telling the receptionist to hang up a large calendar that she had gotten. The receptionist said she did not want to do so because no one on the office staff would use it.

The manager then asked if I wanted it.

*And the fates smiled upon me.*

I quickly replied that I would take it! So yeah, I got a freebie!!!!