Many people think that buying used office furniture doesn’t give off the right message to your prospective clients as it is seen as you are not willing to spend money on your image and this can be perceived as tacky, but the industry has changed now due to the global recession, people are wanting to spend as little money but getting the best value for money as possible and used office furniture is now seriously rivalling new office furniture.

Previous stereotypes of used office furniture is chipped, worn out and stained but due to new innovations in the industry such as office clearances mean that quality furniture is being recouped by furniture suppliers meaning that used office furniture is as good as new and also with some office furniture suppliers offering a reupholstery service (restores furniture to its previous glory with repairs, polishing and many more included in the service) can make it as if it was new.

One massive pull to buying used office furniture is the fact that it is so much cheaper than buying the same product brand new. You can get designer chairs for a fraction of their price, you can also get just normal chairs, then reupholster them to make the product as new and this will still be cheaper than buying them new, hence the massive pull.

Also the used office furniture may give the office an atmosphere of heritage and class if it the quality is right as the product has been used elsewhere and some people like the fact that the furniture has its own little story and this may attract them to enquiring and buying from the company.

Another pull to purchasing used office furniture is the fact that it is a green way of buying furniture as it is recycling the furniture that may have been thrown away; this means that manufacturers won’t make as many new furniture meaning it will save the raw materials used to manufacture the furniture.

Accumulating all these reasons together makes you see why buying used office furniture may be the way forward, especially in the recent economic downfall experienced around the world meaning you can get the maximum value for money whilst still incorporating quality into the furniture that you buy.