I normally use coupons when I can in an effort to save money but since I moved here for school I am finding it harder and harder to get coupons that I can actually use. How can I save money if I cannot even find the coupons? I guess this is a college town full of students who do think about how to save money using coupons so that is why they are not as available as the last place I lived.

Anyway I needed to get this kitty litter for my crazy pet and there is a small bag that costs about $5. There is a larger bag that is double the size but it costs almost $15. All the stores that I visited were out of the small bag of litter (and the other kinds do not work for our situation) so I ended up getting the larger bag.


Well the larger bag is $15 and the coupon was for $3, making me effectively pay $12. Since the big bag is double the size of the smaller one that works out to the equivalent of $6 for the amount I would pay $5 for the smaller bag.

I ended up not being able to save any money on my purchase even though I used the coupon in this case. I was quite upset because when I use coupons I expect to save money by paying less than what the other brand costs. I will just have to stock up on the smaller and less expensive litter when it comes back on the shelves so that I do not have another situation like this in the future.