I am still waiting on my tax information so that I can file my income taxes. I contacted the last place I worked and was told that they mailed my W2 almost a month ago. After a week when I had not received the paperwork for my taxes I requested another copy and that was sent two weeks ago.

I have gone to the office on three different occasions to see if my tax information was mistakenly left behind or not placed in my box, since I have received other mail but just not that. I have been assured that all mail received was placed in my box and I am now beginning to think that it was tampered with by the room mate who just left (on a bad note).


I am very disturbed by the possibility of my mail being tampered with by anyone because we all know that the tax information has your social security number listed on it. I got an electronic copy of my tax information on my third request but I am still hoping that I get the two missing copies in the mail so at least I will know that my information is not in the wrong hands.

I really want to get my taxes filed so that I can get them off my to do list and I can move on with other things. More importantly I would like to know that:

1. an angry ex room mate did not swipe my mail

2. some crazy other person did not swipe my mail

It is really bothering me and I wish that I had known that last employer would provide an electronic copy so I could have just requested that and avoided all of this hassle.

My current employer offers electronic tax information and that is how I got the current W2. I just did not think of asking the old one and now I am in a state of mental anguish over the fact that someone may have my sensitive information. The one thing I feel comfortable about is that I monitor my credit closely and I have credit freezes so that no new credit can be opened with my information unless I get a phone call.