This 2022 budget recap takes a quick look at my spending in 2022. I like to take a look back to see what my spending in various categories was. This helps with shifting the budget focus for upcoming time frames.

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I got this handy chart from Mint. Mint is a free tool that helps you track your cash flows, and allows you to make a budget as well. It provides statistics that you can look at for any time period.

Largest categories from 2022 budget recap

I spent the most in these categories: Home, Financial, and Shopping. Home was to be expected as rent/mortgage is usually the largest category for most people. Financial included money put towards savings, along with money put into investments. Shopping included all non-food spending. I actually spent quite a bit on household items and self care last year so I am not surprised.

Smallest categories from 2022 budget recap

I spend the smallest amounts in these categories: Pets, Taxes, and Others. Pets included items bought specifically for my pet like food, along with vet bills. Taxes were simply the amount that I had to pay the IRS after filing. I aim to be as close to zero on either side as it means I am making the best use of my money. Since this category was small it means I could have had more withheld from my pay. Others was my miscellaneous category. This included things like paying for shipping, and blog hosting fees. The amounts are so small and infrequent that I did not set a specific budget category.

One financial goal for 2023 is to reduce the Shopping category. I can do this by following the 2023 budget.

So that was my 2022 budget recap. I look forward to what 2023 brings.