Whew it is time to look at one full month of finances and see how I came out in the end. I was in the black again for the month even after making a few larger than normal debt snowflake payments and a bit of overspending. I came out at $139.53 in the black after getting my paycheck and buying some more groceries in a last minute rush late in the evening.

I spent $22.83 on gas for the month, leaving me with $37.17 in the budget for the month. I will be travelling for Easter so I am going to use up that balance quickly but I have not decided yet if it will be a rollover or just part of my regular zero based budget for the month.

I was over my electricity budget by $25 but I just got the statement for next month and it is now going to be within the budgeted range. My utilities bills will be lower because I also cut the cable and should be paying about $50 less than before.

I changed my mindset about spending and because of that I was able to finally be free of credit card debt by making about $600 in extra payments through various snowflaking methods. Some of my snowflakes came from Lending Club (total income $13.19) and Prosper (total income) $10.07 and some came from advertising on the blog but I made sure to pay more towards debt than I used to splurge on myself or to put into savings and I am now moving on to tackling the car loan since it has the next highest interest (and balance too!!!!) of my debt.

I bought one newspaper at $3 and redeemed $12.75 in coupons, giving me a net of $9.75 for the month in coupon earnings. My coupon spending for the year is $12, redemption is $43.22 which is a net ‘profit’ of $31.22 from using coupons. I will continue to buy at least the first batch of coupons every month since that has the most inserts in order to maximize my coupon usage.