The  funeral for my mother will be held today in St. Lucia (my home). I am unable to attend because of visa  extension restrictions (grrrrrrr!!!!) but my heart will be with my family at home.

My father will be reading a poem I emailed to him on my behalf and I think my brother is getting someone to film the ceremony so that I can get a copy.

Thank you to EVERYONE who emailed me, twittered condolences or left comments. I HEART all of you…my blogging buddies.

I am still looking for guest posts to fill in a few slots so feel free to email me with your submissions (include your byline with a link to your blog). Posts just need to be related to personal finances and can take any any format.

Email me at LULUGAL  at HOWISAVEMONEY dot NET  to send in your submission or use the contact page to send it in.

Much love!