Hey I have never been to Fresno….I don’t even know where that is. But that is what I decided to call my emergency fund after I saw it on television. I was watching one of my favorite shows and one of the actresses said she had a never go back to Fresno fund….and so the idea was born.

Now you guys and gals all know that I am a full time student who makes minimum wage at a measly 20 hours per week ….sometimes I don’t even get 20 hours. I also have a mountain of debt on the credit cards from paying for the other degree and miscellaneous nonsense spending. Anyway let’s get past that point now. I am back in school trying to right the wrongs now so hear me out.

So here’s the deal. Between my small income and my bills I always thought that I did not have any way to save at all. Then I started this blog and read everywhere that you should always have some kind of savings regardless of how small it is. I read that everyone could save even if the amount seemed insignificant.

Before I started this blog every penny I had went to food or bills . Nothing went to saving. Then I got the idea for my never go back to Fresno emergency fund and I decided to set up a small balance transfer to those savings accounts. I knew that if I had a very small sum going out then I would be able to leave the account and not touch the money at all. I started with (don’t laugh now) sending a transfer of $1.00 every month to the savings account.

Just $1 you say! What’s the point? That won’t get you any interest. I know that and I was not doing it to get the interest. I was doing it to train myself to get along without that $1 for the month. I was able to increase the amount to $2.00 and it is now at $3.00.

Oh boy! A whopping $3.00 a month is going into my savings account . Wheeeee ! Fat lot of interest that is getting me. You may even ask why I am not putting that $3 towards my credit card debt instead. The thing is that although I could do that I have decided not to in order to make myself see that I can save money if I try.

I won’t tell you how little much is in the emergency fund….I have already embarrassed myself disclosing the monthly amount…but it is still a good feeling to say that I have a savings account. It is truly a savings account in the sense that it is something that I am not going to withdraw from so that small amount still gives me a sense of accomplishment.