Tested and approved.

I use the MyPoints system and I love it. They send you emails that you have to open and click on the offers.

You get 5 points just for reading (clicking on the link) the offers and more on whether you complete an offer or not. The points add up and you can trade them in for various gift cards.

Some offers are a survey that you have to complete and they are usually very short.

You get around three emails per day and if you set up a folder for them they do not clog up your inbox.

You get gift cards to places you actually visit like Walmart (got that one), KMart and Red Lobster.

I would not put this up here if I did not personally try it and believe in it.

Go ahead…give Mypoints a try…get your points…..trade in for your gift card!

Find it at www.mypoints.com