Black Friday shopping is once again upon us. The deals! The savings! The gadgets! While we all want to cash in on the latest item, remember you can still save money. Activate your Rakuten to get that sweet, sweet extra cash back on top of your regular credit card rewards.

Rakuten partners with different stores to offer you additional cash back when you use their site to get to your regular site. You can also use the browser plug-in for a more seamless experience. It is easy to use and I just got 8% cash back from buying some hair products.

You can also use Rakuten while you are out and about in store. just make sure to download the Rakuten app and link your favorite stores.

Not all stores use Rakuten e.g. Amazon does not but there is a long list of stores that do, like

New to Rakuten? Sign up with my referral link and you get a $40 bonus to your account when you spend a minimum of $40. I also get a bonus when you sign up with my link. Then once you have your own account go ahead and share Rakuten with all your friends and family.

Make sure to link your Paypal account as that is the fastest way to get your payout. You can get a check…but who wants to deal with that right?

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Happy shopping!