The new year is right around the corner and people have started to think about the different resolutions they will make. You can think of your plans as resolutions or goals or motivational areas but whatever you call them, most of us have things we want to accomplish in the new year.

One of my goals is to become more “Girlified” because I am a bit of a tomboy. I do wear skirts and dresses when the occasion warrants, but I really do feel more comfortable just wearing pants.

I have a few skirts and dresses that I bought during the year and then ended up only wearing once, before stashing them in the back of the closet, never to see the light of day again.

That is really wasting money in a way because I am not making the best use of the money I have already spent. I need to pull out those dresses and skirts (and even some shirts) and WEAR them. This will extend the life of my other clothes because I will be wearing THEM less often and they will have less wear and tear from wearing and washing.

I also do not wear jewelry, even though I did get some jewelry when my mother died. I will not try to make the effort to wear makeup because that would be too much of a stretch for me. I currently wear nail polish on my toes and a bit of lip gloss and I am out the door. I have been blessed with great skin I do not need to wear makeup so I won’t mess with what works currently.

So there is the first of my goals for the new year and it is one that will not require me to spend any more money. I will save money by using more of what I actually have and by having a greater rotation of the items that I use on a daily basis!!!