I only planned on giving certain gifts this year long before I lost my job. I just got the LAST Christmas gift taken care of so I am done with the shopping this year.

I did not give expensive gifts but I think the recipients will love what they got because my gifts are very personalized and are things that those people want.

The money for those gifts came out of the Splurge Fund in ING where I had been budgeting and saving money all year round in order to be ready for Christmas.

I got THE BEST early Christmas gift from my best friend so I am good til the next set of gift giving time rolls around.

I actually ended up spending LESS on gifts than what was in the Splurge Fund so that little extra will go into my every day living expenses and I will start rebuilding the Splurge Fund when I have a steady income next year.

How are you faring with the Christmas shopping?