Did you know you can save money on your candle purchases? If you can remove the wax then you can warm it to extend the scent. This is a great way to scent your home even after the candle no longer burns!

I have been thinking of getting a wax warmer for a long time. I hesitated on doing so because it seems there is not much wax left at the end. Someone told me there is actually quite a bit left and I should try wax removal. I then thought that if I could get a lot of wax it would be worth it.

Old method

In the past I would simply reuse the jars for storage. This means I did not need the wax! I would place the jars in hot water and pour the wax out when it melted. Using this method would mean I would need to then store the melted wax if I also wanted to use the jar.

candle wax

New method

Someone told me that freezing candle works better. Now I place the candle in the freezer for one hour and then pop the wax out with a butter knife. As you can see the wax slides easily out in one chunk. The glass jar is left clean and only needs a little soap and water before being reused.

Now I know I can safely and easily remove wax I will seriously look into getting a wax warmer when they go on sale. This is a good amount of wax that can reused, which I have been throwing away.