Sorry I have been away for so long but I had assignments to turn in. The focus today is the parking ticket I got a few weeks ago. It happened the day I went to get my teeth cleaned.

I was parked in the reserved spot…blah blah blah….got a ticket. This was for $20.00 so I almost fainted because this is obviously NOT a good way to save money.

Then I went in to pay the ticket today….and they told me to forget about it. The same thing happened to someone else this morning and they cancelled the ticket. The secretary thought it was only fair to cancel mine too so I got my money back. I am so happy. I am not parking in reserved spots any more because they just get me in trouble. I would not have gotten the ticket if I did not have a decal because you can’t have a decal and park in the dental patient spots, even though you are a dental patient. Go figure.

Now I just need to get through finals.